Find our album on iTunes or Spotify for your streaming pleasure or purchase a physical copy of the album here:

Have a listen to us on SoundCloud or check out our videos on YouTube!  

A note from High Street Sound:

“While our primary goal is to share our music with music lovers and fellow a cappella enthusiasts, we also would like to shamelessly note that as a small scale music group, the vast majority of our income comes from ticket sales and album sales and since we are unable to perform during the Covid-19 pandemic, we would sincerely appreciate (if you are able) if you could purchase a physical copy of our album. Streaming is wonderful and super convenient, but as the artists, we only make pennies per play. A CD, however, makes a great collector’s item, coaster, gift for your grandparents…. Of course we understand if this is not in cards for you and we would really just like to share our music with you no matter how. Thank you and stay safe!”


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