We’re Baaaaaack!! Remember Us?

Who would have thought that the last time we would perform together as a group would be in February of 2019? We sure didn’t. After our performance in a deep freeze at the Alberta Winter Games in Red Deer, we found ourselves in the all too familiar position of having to look for a new member. Little did we know that so much would be changing and that the group, and life as we knew it would cease to exist.

Since that February, we’ve done some restructuring within the group. We’ve gone from a group of 6 to a group of 5 which meant a writing new arrangements and re-writing old ones while trying to adjust to the different sound. We also spent a good chunk of time working on a recording project, (Stay tuned for more info on that!) and some video projects to go along with it.

And then the Covid-19 pandemic struck and all of our hard work over the last year seemed to be for nothing. As with all musicians out there, most especially local Indie musicians and performers, we suddenly found ourselves with a project we were super excited to share, but had no good way of sharing it. Yet like most musicians out there, we’ve found ways to adapt and adjust.

So between working on a Masters degree, adjusting to working from home, dealing with online learning for our kids, dealing with at-home childcare with both parents working full-time, being laid-off and isolated, along with various other health issues, High Street Sound has been through it but in spite of it all (or maybe due to it all) we’ve also managed to find a renewed energy and camaraderie.

Now here we are, ready to share our music again. We hope you enjoy it!

This is the room where we held our last house concert. The anticipation of filling seats is felt so much more strongly today. While we accept that reality has been to perform to an empty room or to a computer screen, we also highly anticipate the day when we can fill those seats once again.


About High Street Sound

High Street Sound is an a cappella group based here in Edmonton. Formed in 2011, they're driven by a love of groove, harmony and weird sound effects, and strive to deliver original, diverse music from the realms of contemporary pop and jazz. High Street Sound can be found on SoundCloud and Facebook
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